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Creative Minds...      Intelligent Thinking

iPRT Group, i-transport, iTransport PlanningAt iPRT Group, we are driven by the pursuit of excellence. 

iTransport Planning (i-transport) are acknowledged as one of the world’s leading transport planning, project & regeneration consultancies, sitting at the very heart of a unique portfolio of clients, taking the lead in realising your vision, ambitions and expectations.

At iPRT & i-transport, we are passionate about achieving Excellence to our Clients;  our creative minds and intelligent thinking enable us to innovate (itransportplanning)integrate and individualise our solutions do it differently.



“The iPRT team has become like an extension of our in-house team.  Available promptly and willing to pitch in whenever needed, they are trusted advisors with an understanding of our organisation, and our stakeholders, that rivals our in-house expertise... what’s amazing is their spirit and team work and although our and iPRT network of offices span different continents, we are still on the same wavelength!”

Chairman of Board of Directors



"The team at iTransport Planning were intergral to attaining planning permission on our development. i-transport brought a high level of experience, hard work and professionalism to the project and managed to steer through a number of tricky transport related obstacles with little input from ourselves - Excellent!"

Director [Renewables Energy Scheme]


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Please visit our main website

Our Philosophy...Our Process

iPRT’s approach to Transport Planning (itransport, i-transport) & Regeneration  is like live theatre, dynamic, spontaneous and full of ideas and emotion.  It’s about discovering the essential qualities of a place so that we can help people describe their own vision for the future - please see

Understand – Choose what we do

Askew Road Mixed UseAt iPRT, we begin with conversation.  Our role is to help people identify the important elements that resonate as essential to the character of a place.  We do this through a series of exercises to uncover strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and connections, history and nuance - please see


Discover – Trying out ideas


clear understanding of the scale and the relationships of the buildings, streets and public spacesOur i-transport design process is engaging and challenging.  We use drawing as a common language, evolving ideas in three dimensions.  We often create transport models so that everyone can have a clear understanding of the scale and the relationships of the buildings, streets and public spaces.  It is through this process that the vision is refined and the quality is better understood by everyone involved.



Decide – choosing what we do


Education Sectortransport drawings and transport models (i-transport) are more than pictures.  We work tirelessly to foster a sense of local identity, to produce visions that are realistic and plans that can be implemented.  Our designs are embedded with the principles of social equality, environmental responsibility and humane design to create beloved places that are truly timeless


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Every Environment, Every Sector

Unique Skill Base...whether it's a residential scheme or a mixed use development, iTransport Planning has the right focused transport planning, management, drive and real pragmatic understanding of the issues and what really works.

In a nutshell: unique, ground-breaking consultancy, offering a versatile blend of intelligent transport planning (i-transport) support, staffed by some of the most passionate & experienced professionals

Seeing is Believing

 Jumeirah Beach HotelAnyone can talk a good game. i-Transport credentials are there for all to see: any project, any sector, any size...we are a UK wide consultancy with a proven global presence... Read more

Client Obsession

Client ObsessionAt iPRT, weenjoy what we do...and it shows. Our passion is excellence and our obsession is our clients.  iTransport Planning unique experience has seen us establish long-standing client relationships – in some cases lasting 20 years or more. Let us deliver and influence your next project. Experience the enthusiasm, drive and fluency that we bring. Make i-transport part of your team... Read More

So accurate, you'll think it's magic


iPRT’s Planning and Forecasting expertise offers sophisticated tools that help you anticipate project demand, and respond quickly when it changes.  Accurately predicting the impact of changing demand reduces working capital requirements and keeps clients happy.  itransport Planning approach allows clients to modify and track their project progress, financial commitments and communicate changes across their entire supply chain ( and


Property & Regeneration Lunch - The aim is to bring together key players who can make things happen and ensure we work together to lessen the impact of the current economic climate on our local economy and communities.  For more information please visit our Events page.

Housing Update

i-transport, -What will the new environmental damage regime mean for you & Proposed changes to the planning appeal system ... Read more.


Town & Village Greens

itransport Planning, - The law relating to the registration of town and village greens has been substantially altered when Section 15 Commons Act 2006 came into force ... Read more.


Community Infrastructure Levy

iPRT - Communities and Local Government has published new guidance explaining how the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) will work in practice ... Read more.

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